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20/21 Regional meet updates via RAC Minutes

By Jennifer Bortz, RACC, 12/14/20, 2:45PM EST


Hello Region 7!
In the past weeks and months the Region 7 Committee has been meeting to discuss our options for the 2021 Regional meet season.  Although there are still many unknowns, we are working on plans to accommodate the changing dynamics of the Region as we manage our time moving towards the April Regional meets.  
Please read the minutes from our most recent meeting 12/11/20 .  
A few additional notes to go along with the meeting minutes:  We've been listening to our members, and feel our intentions are good with these motions.  Our hope is to try to be proactive in providing our Community with options that fit the scenarios you are dealing with on a personal level.  Your State Chairs are working tirelessly to come up with plans that will work for the majority of the members of their States and you should be so thankful you have such an amazing SACC representing each of you.  On the Regional side, The Committee Members representing Region 7 have worked tirelessly as well to pilot virtual platforms, judges' education and support to the community as best we can during these trying times.  Although there has not been a ton of public information being distributed yet, we have all been meeting consistently discussing options for the future.  We will be sending more information after the first of the year to give you some ideas of where we are and what options we are weighing for potential ways to host the 2021 Regional meets in Region 7.  

Also, we realize with these motions there comes a lot of questions.  Our number one priority is to listen to our membership and provide a meaningful path to move forward as best we can during these difficult times. We hope you can be patient as we develop the details surrounding the Regional meet options we plan to present in the near future.   As soon as we have more information to share, we will post that on our website, Facebook page and by distribution directly to our membership via the SACC email lists.  Please keep yourself informed as much as possible by searching these outlets for updates, as well as searching for the news and information on the USA Gymnastics website and member services facebook page.  There is a lot of great information on these sites, please check them and do your part to stay updated on what's happening in the Region and across the Country within USA Gymnastics.

We wish you all a happy, HEALTHY, holiday season!