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By staff, 11/04/16, 7:45AM EDT


  • J.O. Program Individual Event Specialists (IES) Competition at 9 & 10 Regionals Motion made via email by Linda Johnson 9/2016: The IES petition score to Regionals will now be a 9.2 per event. Also, to remove the current requirement of the declaration date for IES. Second: Steve Garman Passed unanimously. The Region VII Administrative Committee will allow an Individual Event Specialist (IES) competition at the Level 9 & 10 Regional Championships.
  • ***Coaches should notify their State Administrative Chair and/or State meet host if they have an athlete that is declaring IES, and which events they will compete IES at the State meet.

 The maximum number of events that an athlete can declare IES is 3.

  • ***Qualification to Level 9 and 10 Regionals as an IES is a 9.0 at the State meet.


***Petitions to Level 9 and 10 Regionals as an IES is a 9.2 – all paperwork guidelines must be met via the petitioning procedures available on the website.

***Meet Maker Entry (exception Virginia, who is NOT using meet maker): Clubs must designate which events the gymnast has qualified to compete at regionals on the regional meet entry form through Meet Maker. Please note: There is a drop down section for IES. If your athlete is competing more than one event as an IES you will need to list ALL the events she is competing in the NOTES section on Meet Maker.

***An Individual Event Specialist may not start an event at regionals unless she is competing on that event. Gymnasts should salute and touch on events they are not competing at regionals. Coaches of Individual Event Specialists should notify other coaches in their squad of which events the gymnast is competing.

***Awards:​ Individual Event Specialists competitors may compete and be ranked amongst the all-around competitors; may be counted in the team score; and would receive duplicate awards in the case of a tie for event placement (ties involving Individual Event Specialists are NOT broken)

***Regionals is the culminating meet for IES competitors.​ Gymnasts competing as an IES may not qualify to the Eastern National meet or JO Nationals.